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The Board has awarded Jim Wiedman a Life Membership for his service to TOOL as Middle Region Vice President, President, and a leader in our efforts to get an appropriate licensing law. He has also served as a Southeast Region Vice President of ALOA. It should be noted that for once Jim was speechless.

Recent Meeting Summaries

At the Special Membership Meeting on May 17 the proposed amendment was approved as proposed. Part of the discussion included an explanation that even though a President would be elgible to run for one consecutive term nominations could be made from the Nominating Committee or the Membership to oppose him.

The Annual Membership Meeting was held May 18 after the scheduled class. Our lobbyist, Melissa Bast, reported on her activities and projected needs for the next session of the General Assembly. She pointed out that the session would likely be short because 2014 will be an election year. She also indicated that some work may be needed on the status of apprentices.

President Philip Hollingsworth was reelected to a second two year term. Tom Tyler was reelected as the West Region Vice President. There were no candidates for the office of East Region Vice President. At the Annual Meeting in 2014 the elections will be for Secretary, Treasurer, and Middle Region Vice President.

Licensing Law and Updates

Click here to get a copy of the current law..

Click here to get a copy of amendments to the law passed by the Assembly on April 11 and signed by Governor Haslam on April 25.

# Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the file.

Strenghtening enforcement and penalties still needs to be worked on. Our lobbyist is also working to protect the integrety of the law because bills have been filed to repeal it or to modify it. The Legislative Committee will keep you informed.

TOOL Dues Payable

Dues for 2013 are now payable. They are $100 annually, with $50 going to the legislative fund, and $50 going towards dues. You may send your payments to our Treasurer, Tom Gillingham, Compukey Locksmith, P. O. Box 330849, Nashville, TN or you may renew your membership on line..

Lifetime TOOL memberships are available for $500.

Life Safety Codes Class is Required

A course specificly on Life Safety Codes is now required by the Department of Commerce and Insurance for renewal of our license. TOOL has offered the class in all three regions. However some locksmiths may have not taken the class yet. Encourage them to find a class. DCI maintains a list of approved courses on their web site. Some of them may be taken on line.

Attorney General’s Opinion

The Attorney General has recently issued an opinion on three questions:
     1. Are state and local governmental employees performing locksmithing services for the general public subject to licensing? Answer, yes.
     2. Are businesses and their employees that only provide vehicle opening services and no other locksmithing services exempt from licensing? Answer, yes.
     3. May such buinesses exempt in question 2 buy locksmithing tools to use in their services? Answer, yes.

Read the Attorney General’s opinion on state or local govenment employees offering locksmithing services and business offering car opening services and no other locksmithing services.

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