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Consumer Information for Tennessee

Locksmtih Terms for the Consumer

General Consumer Information from Other Sources

Consumer Information for Tennessee

Locksmith Scammers are Operating in Tennessee!

A basic value of TOOL is to help the consumer avoid being ripped off by scammers posing as locksmiths. These scammers don't just cost their victims money. They also can reduce their victims security and do reduce the public confidence in the hundreds of legitimate locksmiths in Tennessee.

All Tennessee consumers should be aware that:

If you have evidence that someone is operating as locksmith without a valid license, you may contact your local sheriff department to file a complaint. If you have been a victim of a scammer or wish to register a complaint against a locksmith that is not a TOOL member, contact the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Attorney General's Office.

TOOL members are professional locksmiths. However, a problem may arise that needs resolution. Should you desire help resolving an issue with a TOOL member , feel free to contact one of our Officers or Board Members.

For convenience, the Locksmith Licensing Program Complaint form is available here.

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Locksmith Terms for the Consumer

When talking to a locksmith, you may find that she is using terms familiar to you in a very specific way. Below are terms you may find helpful when talking to your locksmith:

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General Consumer Information from Other Sources

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a consumer alert regarding Scammers posing as Locksmiths! Read the full article on the FTC website

The Associated Locksmiths of America has collected information about Scammers and their locksmith scams.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a national warning about call centers masquerading as local locksmith shops. These companies are operating in the Nashville area and may be operating in other araes of the Volunteer State as well.

The BBB reports that the companies operate under a variety of names but all use similar methods. They are significantly overcharging consumers, charging consumers for unnecessary services, using intimidation tactics, and failing to give refunds or respond to consumer complaints.

" Ironically, these companies operate under names like ‘ Dependable Locksmith ’ but in reality they exploit the vulnerable situation of consumers who are locked out of their house or car " , said Steve Cox spokesperson for the BBB System. " We’ ve found that some locksmiths have made taking advantage of consumers’ misfortune part of their business model." .

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